Warriors and Wellness

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In the third and final episode of our three-part series, Dr. Eric Meyer, a clinical psychologist and associate director at the Warriors Research Institute (WRI), talks with Alton McCallum, a retired military veteran and one of our licensed mental health clinicians at the WRI. Dr. Meyer and Alton discuss the work being done at the WRI and how they're focused on bridging the mental health service gap for our military veterans.

Show Notes

Although mental health services are available to veterans, there are significant barriers to accessing them. Dr. Eric Meyer and Alton McCallum discuss how telehealth treatment at the WRI is breaking these barriers and extending mental health care to veterans and their loved ones across the state of Texas.

If you would like to learn more about any of the services or topics we discussed today, visit our website at https://bswhealth.com/wri.

What is Warriors and Wellness?

Post-traumatic stress. Depression. Anger. Substance abuse. These are just a few of the health battles our military veterans and emergency responders are fighting every day. Welcome to Warriors and Wellness — a three-part podcast series about improving care for warriors from a variety of fields. Dr. Suzy Bird Gulliver, a licensed clinical psychologist and Director & Chief of the Warriors Research Institute at Baylor Scott & White Health discusses the research that helps us understand and evolve care related to traumatic work events.