The Clarifier

Meet Evan O'Donnell an early-stage investor + co-founder of the VC firm, Timespan. 

Evan shares his powerful journey of overcoming the deep-seated fears instilled from growing up closeted as a gay man, striving for perfection to avoid the perceived catastrophe of being outed. Through self-work, Evan shed the limiting armor he had built up and transformed his heightened perception from a self-protective mechanism into a "superpower" for intuition, creativity, and problem-solving.

By continuously confronting his fears, he has found a way to unlock new possibilities for personal growth and professional success.

Host Angie D'sa, Talentism coach + partner, highlights how fear so often limits leaders' ability to learn and unleash their unique potential. In conversation with Evan, Angie learns:
  • How pursuing entrepreneurship felt scary -> "it's the purest form of self-actualization”
  • How his armor still showed up at work, even after he came out
  • How he methodically grapples with fear when it shows up at work
  • How this deepens trust with his co-founder and they make better decisions as a result
  • How his “super perception” drives faster feedback loops and better business outcomes

If you want to learn more about the framework Angie references in this episode, check out Purpose in the Big 4 model.

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