Homeland Heroes Salute

"In this weeks episode, join Alyssa and Gary where they talk with Veteran and Founder, Dan Jarvis, and Veteran and Mental Health Committee Member Janell Royster from 22Zero, a non-profit that helps veterans and civilians. ""We believe there is a better way to treat PTSD; you can learn about the Tactical Resiliency Process (TRP) and join the movement today to heal our heroes."" Learn more at 22Zero.org.

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What is Homeland Heroes Salute?

The Homeland Heroes Foundation is proud to announce the Homeland Heroes Salute, a podcast dedicated to sharing stories of veterans, their families, and those whose lives are devoted to helping service members. The podcast is produced by DerryCAM, Sharing the stories that shape our lives. Each story will dive into the good, bad, and sometimes ugly truths these brave men and women have endured. The mission in telling their stories is to heal themselves and others while bringing greater awareness to the triumphs and struggles they have faced and continue to face at home. Learn more about the Homeland Heroes Foundation at www.homelandheroesfoundation.org. Learn More about Derry Community Access Media at www.derrycam.org Listener Discretion is advised