Life & Lattes with Liv & Cole

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Liv and Cole try a new coffee from Brickhouse Coffee Co. and talk to Lauren Fisher about her personal life, skin care, would you rather, and play the truth or lie game.

Show Notes

On this episode, Liv and Cole try El Corazon from Brickhouse Coffee Co. and invite Lauren Fisher on the show as their first guest to discuss her personal life, skin care, and play a couple of games. 

What is Life & Lattes with Liv & Cole?

Good friends Liv and Cole discuss topics such as life, trends, and everything in between, letting their uniquely male and female differences, similarities, and opinions be their guide. Every discussion is accompanied by the always necessary cup of delicious, aromatic coffee. Grab your favorite mug, sit back and relax, join our weekly discussions and sip away those Monday blues!