Curious Humans with Jonny Miller

"It's as if all of our lives we've been going along on a horse and life gives us this gift—a painful one of knocking us off the horse—and something within us is curious enough or perhaps strong enough not to get back on it." —Andrew Taggart

Show Notes

I'm speaking with Andrew J Taggart, a practical philosopher, Zen Buddhist, and entrepreneur urging us to wake up to what we have so far taken for granted.

In this conversation we discuss the thesis of his Total Work Manifesto and why we use our work and productivity to fuel our sense of self-worth and create meaning in our lives, as well as his compelling ideas for how we might break out of this Total Work prison that he calls Way of Loss and the Way of Wonderment.

I should also mention that about one and half hours in, I ask Andrew to imagine an all hands on deck academy, or ecology of practices designed to become whole and integrated humans.

His answer is insightful but the day after our conversation he wrote up an extended reply which he has posted on his blog with the title 'A Tentative Curriculum For Psycho-technologies Of Self-transformation' (it's well worth a read!)

Show Notes:

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What is Curious Humans with Jonny Miller?

In our productivity obsessed culture we struggle to justify investing time or money into something that doesn’t have a defined outcome—this podcast is a journey to turn the lens of curiosity back on itself and nudge the rest of us 'grown-ups' to take their curiosity more seriously.