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Punk, garage and trash coolness with Carolyn
Sheltering In Place - Episode 22 - The Pandemic continues.....

Show Notes

Punk, garage and trash coolness with Carolyn Sheltering In Place - Episode 22 - The Pandemic continues.....

12:00 PM The Avengers "We Are the One" from We Are The One on Dangerhouse

12:05 PM News "Dirty Lies" from Dirty Lies on s/r. Genre: Rock

12:07 PM The Weirdos "A Life of Crime" from Destroy All Music on Bomp! Records. Genre: Rock

12:09 PM Primates "Don't Press Your Luck" from Garage Punk Unknowns Part One on Crypt

12:14 PM The New Bangs "Go Go Kitty" from Scum Of The Earth on Sound Stories

12:15 PM Moods "Rum Drunk" from Pretty Ugly on s/r

12:18 PM Billiam "Agitated" from Agitated on s/r

12:19 PM All My Friends and Me "Nasty" from First Time on s/r

12:23 PM Research Reactor Corp "VHS" from The Collected Findings Of The Research Reactor Corporation on Erste Theke Tontraeger

12:25 PM Damaged Bug "Sold America" from Bug On Yonkers on Castle Face. Genre: Rock

12:29 PM The Botbots "Pez Beach Keg Party" from Stoneage Scomeos on Outtaspace / Wreckless. Genre: Rock

12:31 PM Duende! "Garbage Man" from Gravest Tribute To The Cramps on kafadan kontak

12:34 PM Moth "2021" from Machine Nation - EP on Marthouse Records

12:36 PM All Hits "Men and Their Work" from Men and Their Work on Iron Lung Records

12:42 PM KXSF UW "Rainbow Grocery Cooperative"

12:43 PM The Archaeas "Lip Gloss" from The Archaeas on Goner Records

12:44 PM An Uneasy Peace "A Thousand Pretty Mannequins" from An Uneasy Peace on Dirt Cult Records

12:46 PM Die Atlantikschwimmer "Ich Zeige Dir" from Atlantikschwimmer - Kassetto Fix on Static Age Musik

12:49 PM Whirlywirld "Moto" from The Complete Studio Works 1978 - 80 on Hozac. Genre: Rock

12:53 PM Kim Salmon and The Surrealists "Burn Down the Plantation" from Burn Down the Plantation - Single on s/r. Genre: Rock

12:57 PM Becky & The Politicians "Will We Build From The Rubble (or just lose track of time​)​?" from Becky & The Politicians' Own Thing on Kennel Jitters Recordings

1:02 PM KXSF UW "McCarthy's Irish Bar"

1:04 PM Fatal Figures "You Hardly Ever Crawl" from X Minus 1 on Big Neck records

1:05 PM A Burning Bus "Irrational Front" from S/T on In the Red Records

1:10 PM Graveyard of The Pacific "Bruiser" from Radium Girls - Single on s/r. Genre: Rock

1:14 PM Tapeworms "Safety Crash" from Funtastic on Howlin' Banana / Cranes Rds

1:16 PM The Courettes "Want You! Like a Cigarette" from Want You! Like a Cigarette - Single on Damaged Goods Records

1:21 PM Shehehe "Back To Us" from Pet Songs on s/r

1:24 PM Itchy Kitty "Don't Talk To Me" from Under the Covers on s/r

1:26 PM The Go-Gos "Skidmarks On My Heart" from Beauty and The Beat on IRS Records

1:29 PM Les Dead Boobs "Life is A Tale" from Split : Tabula Raza + Les Dead Boobs - Tout brûler :) on Rock'n'Roll UFO

1:33 PM Jacuzzi Boys "The Pits" from The Pits - Single on Third Man. Genre: Rock

1:37 PM KXSF UW "City Beer Store"

1:39 PM KNOWSO "Staring at the Spiral" from Psychological Garden - EP on s/r

1:41 PM Stiff Richards "Going Numb" from Going Numb - Single on Legless Records

1:44 PM Ötzi "Charms" from Ghosts on Near Dark. Genre: Rock

1:46 PM UK Gold "Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot" from Be Gay, Do Crime! on Girlsvlle

1:49 PM The Prof.Fuzz 63 "Sacrifice" from Owls on Sister Raygun Records

1:56 PM Tony Dork "Just Keep Walking" from Struggle Street on Legless Records

1:58 PM Thee Dirty Rats "Bacterial Bop" from Humans Out! on s/r

2:03 PM KXSF UW "Choochcast"

2:04 PM Illegal Visions "Brainwash" from South Bay Curse (The solo Lo​-​Fi Pandemic sessions ) on s/r

2:06 PM Black Melon "Sick and Low" from The Lumpiness Of Demand on PNKSLM Recordings

2:08 PM Thee Evil Twin "Say the Wrong Thing" from 10 Piece Feed on Dirtyflair

2:10 PM Tough Age "Consequences" from Which Way Am I? on Mint Records. Genre: Rock

2:12 PM Israeli Chicks "Leisure" from Leisure - Single on Israeli Chicks. Genre: Rock

2:16 PM Plastix "engel" from Ich Bin Modern on Danger Records

2:19 PM Lucy and the Rats "September" from Got Lucky on Dirty Water Records. Genre: Rock

2:26 PM Cool Jerks "Eh" from England on Night versus Day. Genre: Rock

2:29 PM Adoom Pissfart "Sick On You" from G.T.R.R.C. II on G.T.R.R.C.

2:31 PM Public Enemy "State of the Union (STFU)" from State of the Union (STFU) - Single on Enemy. Genre: Hip-Hop

2:35 PM Soul Butchers "Up Jumped The Devil" from Skin on Fire on S/R

2:38 PM Kool and The Gang Bangers "I'm Not A Pinhead" from I'm Not A Pinhead on No Fidelity Records

2:40 PM KXSF UW "Barrell Room"

2:40 PM Enola Gay "The Birth of a Nation" from The Birth of a Nation - Single on enolagay1916

2:43 PM New Fries "Bangs" from Is the Idea of Us on Telephone Explosion

2:47 PM Jim Moronson and The Doors "The Future Is Garbage" from I'm In Space on Life Is A Drag

2:48 PM Fuzz "Returning" from III on In The Red. Genre: Rock

2:51 PM Brat Farrar "My Kind of Thing" from Adventures in the Skin Trade on Brat Farrar Records

2:56 PM The Stranglers "(Get a) Grip (On Yourself)" from Rattus Norvegicus on United Artists. Genre: Rock

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