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My wife and I started trying to have a baby. I think life is intrinsically good, and therefore it's good to extend this game of life as far as we can. Is it rational? I don't know. Also, Kanye West on abortion, wow.

Show Notes

My wife and I started trying to have a baby. I don’t really feel ready financially but you can’t wait forever. I just feel like producing more life is almost always a good thing to do, but that’s quite vague to say that, so I wanted to talk about this idea.

We tried to get pregnant once before, which succeeded, until it didn’t.

The problem is that, today, having children is not really rational. You can want the joy of family, but if you’re optimizing for your own happiness kids will probably not be the winning decision. Of course it’s never been a rational thing, it’s an evolved reality, we’re only here because we have drives that lead to reproduction. It’s historically worked through mysteries we didn’t understand, and our ignorance helped it happen.

For me, there’s intrinsic value to extending the game of human life as far and wide as possible. I have faith that life is intrinsically good. For the same reason I think it’s wrong to commit suicide, no matter how bad things are, it is also good to stay alive and it is good to produce more life.

By the way, listen to Kanye West talk about abortion.

I just believe that new life is always a blessing. My grandmother told me this once, at time when someone in my family was having a child (not very expectedly, let’s just say). I’m not sure if her words affected me and stuck with me, or if we both believe this due to shared genetics, or if we both believe this because of shared Catholic conditioning, but regardless—many years later, as an adult, I really do believe and feel this idea, now in my own words.

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