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In this episode, we talk to Val Geisler, an email marketing expert and founder of Fix My Churn, to get her thoughts about the must-have email marketing campaigns and her best strategies for converting and retaining more subscription customers.

Show Notes

In this episode, we talk to Val Geisler, an email marketing expert and founder of Fix My Churn.

Val is known for being the go-to resource for "all things email marketing," but we give special attention to two areas in this episode:
  1. The must-have campaigns and automations to reach "good enough" 
  2. Intermediate strategies for converting and retaining more of your subscription customers
In other words, we share how to check the box for the 20% of email marketing strategies that will get you 80% of the financial results.

We also included a little surprise for our loyal listeners – a live email campaign teardown. Val walks us through her real-life purchasing experience with a brand in the personal care space and shares her thoughts on what they get right as well as where they can improve.

So, if you're looking for a playbook for leveling up your email marketing, or if you want to learn from the actual experiments and campaigns being run by an active brand, this is the episode for you.

BONUS Resource:
Make sure to check out Val's Dinner Party Strategy. It's a collection of resources to help you build an email welcome series that will create an army of loyal customers.

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