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In all of the conversation around identity, relationships, loneliness, doubt, there is a key word. That word is belonging. Belonging is packed with so much meaning because it can impact or influence us personally and relationally. It is a fundamental human need to be known, to feel belonging, but that is true of what you think about yourself as much as it is what you think of your place with others. We’ve talked about identity on this podcast, and we’ve talked about relationships. Today, we’re going to focus on bridging these two topics through reimaging who we are and how we relate. 

In today's episode, host Jason Wieland is joined by Sarah Westfall, host of the Human Together podcast and author of the new book "The Way of Belonging." In this conversation, Sarah and Jason talk about the fundamental questions we wrestle with about identity, belonging and relationships, the struggles that try to keep us from feeling rooted in our belonging, how the journey to know God is also a journey to know ourselves, and what it means to reimagine who we are and how we relate. 

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