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In this episode ON INNER RESILIENCE, we hear four voices share their personal views on how they maintain inner equilibrium. Firstly, we learn about nature-centered mindfulness practice from Ajay Rastogi, at the Foundation for the Contemplation of Nature in the Himalayan village of Majkhali in Uttarakhand, India.

Then you will hear Egyptian conservationist Noor Noor, who describes his own personal path into mindfulness – through his experiences of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution.

Then Judith Schleicher explains how daily meditation has helped her with her conservation work, ever since she attended a 10-day Vipassana retreat in Peru 7 years ago.

Lastly, we meet Christoph Eberhard, legal anthropologist and practitioner of the Chinese and Indian traditional arts Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong and Yoga. Christoph believes that dialogue is at the heart of meaningful transformation- dialogue with oneself, with others, with nature, and the beyond.

Show Notes

Nordic By Nature is a mindful podcast inspired by the Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess who coined the term deep ecology. 

In this episode, ON INNER RESILIENCE, you will hear from Ajay Rastogi, is the co-founder of the Foundation for the Contemplation of Nature ( Together with the village residents, Ajay runs experiential 'Resilience Leadership' homestay courses in the Himalayan village of Majkhali in Uttarakhand, India. 

You will then meet conservationist Noor A Noor. Noor was born in Egypt into a family of activists. His his love of the arts and activism lead him to a job with Nature Conservation Egypt. Noor is also part of an upcycled instruments music group raising awareness about waste.

After Noor, Judith Schleicher, a PhD fellow at Cambridge University and an active member of Extinction Rebellion, speaks about how regular meditation has helped her in her work looking at the links between environment and human wellbeing, where dealing with 'bad news' is the norm. Judith and Ajay held a contemplation of nature mindfulness session and seminar at David Attenborough House at Cambridge university. 

Lastly, we meet Christoph Eberhard, a bilingual Austrian living in France. Christoph is a specialist in the anthropology of law and author of the book Human Rights and Intercultural dialogue. He is also a Tai Chi and Qi Gong Teacher with decades of experience. His motto is “Life is not a void to be filled. It is a world of abundance, or “plenitude,” waiting to be discovered.”

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What is Nordic By Nature?

Nordic By Nature is inspired by the Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess, who coined the term Deep Ecology. Each episode is spacious, mindful soundscape, created for you to listen with your headphones. Transcripts available on and