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Pure Victory Podcast co-host Braden Hafner thought marriage would be the solution to a porn addiction that gripped his life. That is until his wife confronted him and shattered his wrong thought patterns. Hear how he got healthy, got porn out of his marriage, and now uses his story to impact others!

Show Notes


Welcome to episode #3! In this episode, Braden Hafner talks about his journey with porn, misunderstanding his addiction, and how he ultimately moved towards healing and freedom!

Listen to his story and see what you can apply to your own life!

Here is a brief summary of the episode.

Pornography use has a natural progression that almost always leads to addiction
Since porn is highly addictive and often gets introduced to us in our development years, the addiction can take deep roots like it did with Braden in his teen years.  Since it is so normalized in our culture, we don't often recognize that it's an addiction. This often leads to patterns that are destructive in our lives. Admitting that you have an addiction and need help is a first step that we need to take to get on the path to healing and freedom. 

Misconceptions about porn
Often we link porn to sex, and we view it primarily as an outlet to get a sexual release (or sexual "need" met). But as Braden discovered, porn is not just about sex.  Porn wires our brains to demand a dopamine release (common in addictive behaviour) to feel excitement, cover pain, or avoid boredom and/or anxiety. 

Marriage doesn't solve a porn addiction
One of porn's big lies is that it mimics intimacy and connection and it preys on our desire for acceptance. In reality porn causes us to have an attachment disorder in that we can't connect in a healthy way with real people, including our spouse. Porn hi-jacks our ability to connect to our spouse physically and emotionally, which negatively affects sex with our spouse.

Here is a great article by Focus On The Family: https://www.focusonthefamily.com/marriage/how-pornography-impacts-marriage/

Porn erodes intimacy, so get it out of your marriage!
Porn is something that we try to hide and keep a secret, especially from our loved ones. In marriage, secrets destroy trust and intimacy, which is something Braden had to contend with. Getting the truth out in the open is an important step towards healing and repairing trust in a marriage.

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Next week, Matt and Braden will be exposing lies that are subconsciously believed by almost all men and women acting out in unhealthy sexuality. This episode will enable people to make huge strides towards conquering their addiction. If you want to hear more, please subscribe at www.purevictorypodcast.com.

Resources Mentioned
Online Course (The Restored Boot Camp): https://www.restoredministries.ca/restored-boot-camp
Free Forever Personal Coaching: https://www.restoredministries.ca/free-forever

Podcast Hosts
Braden is the Regional Director in Alberta for FamilyLife Canada. He has been married for 12 years to his wife Kristen, and they live in Edmonton, Alberta. He is passionate about seeing marriages grow and thrive, and helping couples move to a deeper oneness with one another and with God. FamilyLife Canada has a variety of resources and events to help you and your spouse take your marriage to the next level. See what would benefit you at www.familylifecanada.com

Matt and his wife Louise raise their little guy, David, in Edmonton, Alberta. He is honoured to do what he can to tackle the epidemic of pornography and sexual perversion in every way possible. Seeing lives and marriages get free and experience the love of God in profound ways are what drives him every day. He leads Restored Ministries, is a certified speaker and coach for the John Maxwell Team, and formerly played hockey in the WHL and for Hockey Canada. You can visit www.restoredministries.ca.

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