the Love Says podcast

In this episode, I share some personal stories and offer opportunities for us to think about:
*What is working and feels so good about giving and receiving
*Things that feel outdated and spur resentment and regret about giving and receiving
*Ways to find alignment with giving and receiving now
This episode really invites us to explore a version of giving and receiving that meets us where we are. In this season. In this moment. And even calls us into our future selves.

What is the Love Says podcast?

What unfolds when we each find our own way back to a place of love?

Love can get us through the most painful moments, give us the freedom to grow , the courage to change - and Love can lead us to a whole lot of peace and joy and possibility.

So let’s see what happens — in us, in our life and in our world when we listen in to what Love Says.
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