Unstructured Unlocked by Indico Data

In this podcast with Cloud Realities, Christopher Wells, VP of R&D, Indico Data, speaks with Rob Kernahan, Vice President, Capgemini
Sjoukje Zaal, Generative AI Lead for Cloud, Capgemini, and Dave Chapman, Chief Cloud Evangelist, Capgemini about where we are on the AI hype-cycle, what the world could look like on the other side of wide-scale implementation, and what forms enterprise-scale implementation of AI may take.

🧭 How do we make AI enterprise-ready?
ğŸ”Ž How can big generative models make their way into the enterprise?
📡 What might longer-term AI adoption models look like?
📀 What is the hardest and the least talked about aspect of the successful and safe use of AI?

What is Unstructured Unlocked by Indico Data?

Enterprise leaders discuss how fast AND accurate document intake enables them to make data-driven decisions, increase capacity, and drive top line revenue.