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What role can communities play in wetlands restoration? Jess Hua, Associate Professor and Principal Investigator of the Hua Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is leading research that looks into ecological interactions of wetlands and how citizen science shapes community perceptions of these natural environments. In this episode, the 2022 National Wetlands Awardee discusses how diverse communication strategies can lead to a greater understanding of wetlands restoration and why it is important to center community perspectives in wetlands education.
In honor of American Wetlands Month, ELI is celebrating the National Wetlands Awards (NWA). Since 1989, the NWAs have been presented annually to individuals who have excelled in wetlands protection, restoration, and education. On this special miniseries of People Places Planet, Research Associate Isabella Blanco sit downs with past NWA winners to hear their stories. 
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Creators & Guests

Sarah Backer
Sarah Backer joined ELI as a Research Associate in September 2022. Her current work includes assisting with the Municipal Climate and Waste Reduction Project and supporting the CWA 303(d) Training Workshops. She is also the new host of the ELI People, Places, Planet Podcast. Prior to joining ELI, Sarah interned for the EPA’s Green Power Partnerships, where she researched the program’s contributions to energy equity and developed educational content for stakeholders. Sarah is a recent graduate from Wesleyan University with a BA in Government, specializing in environmental global policy and a minor in the College of East Asian Studies and Mandarin. Her senior thesis analyzed public opinion on democracy and capitalism promotion in the United States since 2016, to evaluate the public’s shifting attitudes about America’s international role. Before college, she grew up in New York City, where she attended a K-12 French immersion school and specialized in French literature and philosophy.
Colin Gipson-Tansil
Colin Gipson-Tansil joined ELI in January of 2014 by way of the Great Lakes State. Colin serves as ELI’s Senior Digital Media Producer where he oversees digital media needs at seminars, webinars, and events, manages social media sites, assists with support of ELI’s various websites, and produces videos as well as podcasts. Colin earned his M.A. in Producing for Film, TV and Video from American University. Prior to his Master's degree, received his B.A. in Media Arts and Technology with a concentration in Film, Radio and TV from Michigan State University.

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