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Like many, we are anxious to get back to our favorite spaces and places. Radio Lounge has joined with The Lee Group to promote a movement called "Houston Rallies" with podcasts centered on small businesses that are the heartbeat of Houston. Macy Bodenhamer from The Lee Group speaks with Alli Jarret, owner of the popular restaurant, Harold's on how things are going as we move ahead of the #COVID19 issues.

Show Notes

 Maybe you've already visited your favorite restaurant as restrictions are relaxed, or maybe you're apprehensive to make that move.  The conversation with Alli Jarret gives us a look into the other side of this crisis, from the business side.  Harold's has a great vibe going, with a cool location in an iconic Houston building.  Now, they are making things happen day by day to bring their fans back into the restaurant.  The Houston Rallies podcasts are focusing on several categories of small business. We hope you enjoy this conversation.  It's guaranteed to make you hungry for more.


What is Feel The Ad Love!?

A podcast about all things advertising and marketing, featuring great guests and stories. Produced by Radio Lounge in Houston, Texas USA