Ordinary Astronauts

Figma got bought for $20 billion! Why? And what's next? Also: how to find your next "thing" by finding the right people, and a philosophical discussion about what businesses really are.

Show Notes

Three topics:
  1. Figma! It's not every day a company gets bought for $20 billion. Dan shares a story of how he actually met the Figma co-founder and CEO back in the day at an... interesting... retreat. And then we talk about why Figma succeeded, and why Adobe wanted them so bad they were willing to pay 10% of their market cap.
  2. How to find your next thing? Find the right people. We all go through transition periods in our career where we aren't sure what's next. Perhaps instead of focusing on finding the perfect idea, market, role, etc, it's better to focus on finding the right people and being flexible on what comes next.
  3. What is a business? This week on Divinations, Nathan wrote a philosophical-yet-practical essay exploring the nature of businesses. We get to the bottom of it and talk about how understanding the deep economic roots of commerce can actually help you refine your focus. Or maybe it's just interesting :) 

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