Soccer In Snow & Smoke

The Women's World Cup kicks off Thursday in Australia and New Zealand with 32 teams vying for the trophy. In this marathon preview pod, Chris Citowicki and Ashley Herndon of the Griz soccer coaching staff join Andrew Houghton to break down everything you need to know about the biggest tournament of the summer. Should the US women be the favorites as they shoot for their third consecutive title? Is this the year that traditional soccer powers rise up to challenge the USWNT? Who are the players to watch in every group? And much, much more!

What is Soccer In Snow & Smoke?

Soccer, football, the beautiful game. Whatever you call it, we're talking about it on Soccer in Snow & Smoke, the new soccer podcast from Andrew Houghton and ESPN Missoula. From the Griz to local high schools and youth programs, soccer culture is strong in the Garden City. We'll cover all of it, plus whatever else happens in the wide world of soccer.