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Lulu and her friends from Discord ask us some questions about video games, and we talk nonsense rather than answer them.

Show Notes

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Just like last time, I've bleeped all of the swears bar one, which is in the intro sequence. It's an instance of "bastard" and really fit with the nature of the sketch we were going for. But if this is a problem, skip ahead by 30 seconds as soon as the episode starts to play, and you'll skip right past it.

As a way of rounding down out recent conversations on Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, Lulu brings some questions that her friends from discord have for us. And not all of them are related to Final Fantasy, too.

All this and more in episode 39 of the Waffling Taylors podcast: Some Qs and Some As

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What is The Waffling Taylors Podcast?

A podcast by the Waffling Taylors - who are two brothers who love video gaming and talking nonsense.