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On today’s episode, Kunle is joined by Cody Wittick, Co-Founder of Kynship, a California-based influencer agency with the goal of serving and connecting D2C brands with influencers and content creators around the world.
At the tail end of 2020, Taylor Lagace, Cody’s partner and a Co-Founder of Kynship, brought us into the world of Influencer Marketing and how it was a complex ecosystem with wanna-be influencers and unengaged or fake followers. Alongside those negative intricacies, many brands have cracked the code of influencer marketing and skyrocketed their growth. In 2021, he again sat with Kunle to discuss the changes in the influencer market, and that it is no longer the elephant in the room as it used to be.
It’s 2022 and it’s Cody Wittick’s turn to sit down with Kunle and share Kynship’s philosophies on seeding and the intricacies of influencer marketing post-pandemic. The Creator Economy is reaching new heights with social media as a platform for growth. Kynship is using the growing platform and matching brands with influencers and content creators that align with their products. 
Before you jump into the pool of influencers, listen to what Cody has to say about the different tiers of influencers in order for your brand to understand what fits your needs and ad spend. He also emphasizes how influencer marketing is just like any other marketing tool while adding human-to-human interactions in a digital age. 
Cody discloses Kynship’s philosophies on seeding and mass seeding especially when it comes to high-ticket items as well as how they work with the principle of giving and not asking. He also dives into the principle of repurposing content across platforms and how the unboxing experience can be a way to convey a brand’s story without a creative brief. This episode is truly something to be excited about especially when a brand is looking at the possibility of using influencer marketing to grow their brand. 
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Kunle Campbell
Host of the 2X eCommerce Podcast and Co-Founder at OCTILLION
Cody Wittick
Co-CEO @kynshipco •Helping founders reduce CAC through influencers and paid ads •Follower of Jesus •Proud Husband & Father •

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