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This is where the mammories end, but not Spoop-Tober, join the gang and Joe, again, for Phantom of the Opera, the movie!

Show Notes

This week join the gang, and Joe again, as we discuss Phantom of the Opera. The musical that changed the landscape of musicals forever! The good the bad, and the #Problematic get talked about here. We discuss why this musical means so much to Meg, why the mammories end at the chest, and why Erik (aka the Phantom), just needs a cat!

Theme music is “Mysteries That Are Unsolved” by Teknoaxe
Additional Music by Teknoaxe & Josh Woodward

All songs used, as well as many others can be downloaded for free at: Teknoaxe.com and Joshwoodward.com

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Guest Host
Joe Frankovitch: @RealityStorm

Alyssa: @GravityDefiner
Tyler: @Tyler_Jarret
Meg: @Morlasair

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What is What's Up ATM??

What's up ATM (What's Up At the Moment) is a podcast where three friends come together weekly to ask what's up at the moment with each other. Every week, these friends will be exploring a topic that one of them is feeling particularly passionate about that week. So, whether you're a nerd, a scholar, or just generally someone who enjoys people talking about things they love, join us as we delve into the depths of these weirdos' minds and ask “Hey, what's up at the moment?” For more about the show and it's hosts, please visit: https://whatsupatm.craftic.studio