Underestimated: Stories for Women

Entrepreneur and photographer, Sarah Lindstrom walks us through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and what her practices are to keep a healthy mind set. sarahephoto.com

Show Notes


About Sarah Lindstrom (sourced from sarahephoto.com)

It’s me Sarah! 
The one tearing up behind the camera at some point on your wedding day, ya that may be lame, but I can’t help it, love gets to me. And I’m a crier. Like the type of person who cries because there’s a cute dog on T.V. or the person who cries when any sports team wins a major championship because they’re just so overwhelmed with joy. At this point, my fiancé just looks over and laughs because it happens way too frequently. If you can’t tell, I’m a feeler. An INFJ a 2w1 2w3 (I can’t decide). Sharing in case those numbers and letters mean something to you.
All that to say, don’t be surprised if you see me crying on your wedding day or suggesting you take a second to pause and soak in the moment. 
My fiancé (woah still very new word to me), and I live in Austin, Texas, with our two dogs. Aspen, a mini Aussie, and Emmett, a German wired haired pointer. We call Aspen my shadow because she’s constantly right behind me and I can never find her. And Emmett well, he’s a big ball of energy and attitude, he sounds like Chewbacca every morning when he stretches. We love to explore the outdoors, enjoying the green space Austin has to offer, and we love to try new things. We’re always trying new activities, hobbies, and new recipes. We’re always in the kitchen experimenting, sometimes failing, but still trying. The Cooks Illustrated magazine is our new favorite thing to get in the mail because it means more things to try out! Austin will always have a special place in my heart. It’s the place, I found myself and my best friend.
It’s where I learned that I don’t have to be like everybody else. I don’t have to wear a hat in every Instagram post (trust me I have some cute GigiPip hats in my closet, but those aren’t me), I don’t have to be labeled as an adventure photographer to shoot elopements. I don’t have to have a perfect Pinterest styled apartment to share photos of my life. While I may not be the hippest girl on Instagram, I am true to myself.

So here’s the real Sarah:
  • The girl who eats stupid amounts of chocolate every day - dark chocolate with sea salt all the way
  • The girl who lives in athleasure wear
  • The girl snuggled under a blanket even when it’s 95 degrees outside 
  • The girl who posts more pictures of her dogs than herself 
  • The girl who talks to her parents every single day 
  • The girl who falls asleep during every movie night 
  • The girl who wears makeup 4 times a year
  • The girl who loves Jesus 
  • The girl who would rather ski all winter than go to the beach
  • The girl who wears the same jeans 12 times before washing them
  • The girl who will probably share a new workout program with you because she thinks exercising is fun 
  • The girl who would much rather play cards than watch T.V.
  • The girl who over apologizes 
  • The girl who will find any excuse to give a gift or do something for you - love languages, anyone?
  • The girl who can’t stand to be late, if she’s not early, she’s already late 
  • The girl who's grandma calls “iron Sarah” cause she’s always trying a new extreme sport 
  • The girl who loves to explore new places
  • The girl who currently is talking in 3rd person, weirdo.
That’s me, the girl who will always advocate for you to be yourself. The one advocating for you to do what you want on your wedding day. Not what your friends want, or your family wants. I'll be there to help your voice be heard amongst the noise of the busy wedding day. No matter what your wedding day looks like. I’m here to capture you and your love. 
I’m ready for you to be a part of my family!


What is Underestimated: Stories for Women?

A podcast highlighting empowering stories about women being underestimated and how they rose above to establish their worth. Listen to real stories from real women dealing with everyday hurdles and discussing what they learned.