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Jarrod Drysdale says "Nobody has the balls to do this." This is the day Justin announces the first product he'll be working on for Build & Launch. The first product is...

Show Notes

Whoo. This is it. This is the day I announce the first product I'll be working on for Build & Launch. I wanted to start really small: I think the mistake most people make when they're building their first thing, is they choose something way too big.

"Nobody has the balls to do this." - Jarrod Drysdale

Product announcement

The first official Build & Launch product is... The Product Hunt Handbook.

The only way to truly validate an idea is seeing if people will pay money for it.

There’s two important things you need to cover when building anything:

  1. Who is this for? What specific type of person am I targeting?
  2. What’s their pain? Why would the hire this product? What’s going to convince them to take out their wallets, and buy?

New show format!

Initially, was going to do a 30 min episode a week, but people are loving these smaller 10-15 minute episodes.

Here's what I'm going to try out: I'll do 3 mini-episodes a week:

  1. Start project + previous week’s stats
  2. Mid-week checkup
  3. Launch day!

Stats update

  • Podcast listens: 3584 listens so far (up from 814 listens today)
  • Most popular episode: How do you say Creeper in French?
  • 37 ratings in the US iTunes Store (up from 12 yesterday)
  • My favorite review so far
  • Mailing list: 421 subscribers so far
  • 347 views on (down from Tuesday's high from 1,334 views yesterday)

Beard update

Current photo.

Show Notes

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What is Build & Launch?

A weekly podcast focused on shipping small projects.

Every week I'll take you on an adventure of launching a new project. You'll hear the launch stats, hurdles I had to overcome, and how you can learn from my mistakes.