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Unfortunately, Jason can’t be with us today since a storm ripped through his hometown, a tree came crashing down and ripped the electrical cords off his house, so now he has no power! However, Chris and Andrew are in the house and we are super excited to have three guests with us. Today, we have joining us from Polywork, Joe Ferrairo, Chris Polk, and Dylan Ginsburg. Joe is Engineering Lead, Chris is VP of Engineering, and Dylan is Lead iOS Engineer. They are here to talk more about Polywork and all the cool stuff they are doing to make it happen on the iOS side. We find out things that make a good Rails Developer and what type of person would be best to join the Polywork team. There is also an interesting story behind celebrity emoji keyboards and how Kanye tried to sue one of our guests! Also, Polywork is hiring!

Show Notes

[00:01:32] Joe, Chris, and Dylan tell us what they do at Polywork.

[00:02:34] Joe shares things that make a good Rails Developer and what type of person would be best to join their team. 

[00:05:47] Find out all about Polywork. Andrew mentions checking out Brian Lovin’s Polywork page. 

[00:07:16] Joe tells us how they rebuilt the application on Rails 6.1, Turbo, and Stimulus, and how it has paid off for them.

[00:11:49] Andrew asks the guys what they’re using Turbo for, what kind of wins is it giving, and if they’ve upstreamed anything that they found into Turbo. 

[00:15:49] Chris asks Dylan what their thoughts are on how handle or think about the navigations stuff on the mobile stuff. He also tells us something they are working on now at Polywork.

[00:23:41] Dylan tells us if they are able to get away with writing very little Swift or if that’s still kind of a core piece, and if they do OAuth, do they go Native in Native Swift OAuth or if that’s web-based.

[00:27:41] If the guys were not using Turbo for building the app, would they end up building a hybrid app, like a React Native type of thing if they didn’t have Turbo for the web and mobile?

[00:28:57] Andrew wonders if the guys are in a place where they’ll be ready to upgrade when Rails 7 comes out or a shorter update process since they’ve done all this groundwork already. Also, we find out if the guys are happy they stuck with Rails.

[00:35:35] We hear an interesting story behind celebrity emoji keyboards and Kanye.
[00:38:57] Polywork is hiring so check the link below for openings! 

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Joe Ferrairo
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