The Cashflow Contractor

It’s time for hiring again after losing that one employee for more money, or a better opportunity. But what if you never lost that employee in the first place and what if other employees are thinking about leaving too? There is a way to strengthen the confidence you have in the culture of your company that will keep the talent you already have. Listen today to hear exactly what Martin and Khalil have to say about it!

Show Notes

Show Notes

  • 02:47 - The First Step Is Hiring Well
  • 04:12 - Current Issues
  • 06:21 - Hiring Isn’t Always The Best Solution
  • 08:33 - Prioritizing Your Culture 
  • 11:19 - Love Languages In Your Business
  • 12:17 - Strive To Understand What Your Employees Care About
  • 14:07 - How Do You Have Purposeful Conversation? 
  • 15:53 - The Boss Who Truly Knew His People
  • 17:55 - Conclusion 

Quotable Moments

  • “People put up with all kinds of under performance, no performance and disruption of their culture cause they're reluctant to let people go.” - Martin
  • “Nothing will ruin a good employee as quickly as watching you tolerate a bad one.” - Unknown


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What is The Cashflow Contractor?

If you’re like most contractors we know, then you started your business because you’re passionate about and great at your craft. You also wanted to be your own boss. Owning a business has a lot of advantages, but also a lot of challenges.

We started this podcast to talk about things that matter to you as an owner, like business fundamentals, sales processes, marketing, leadership, and much more. Armed with knowledge, you’ll be able to reach your goals, whether that’s growth, getting your shop to run without you, or anything in between.