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We drink a lot of beer, that much should be clear by now. This time, we try our hands at making our own!

Show Notes

For our second Limited Release, we finally got around to brewing a beer together, along with friend of the show, Tejas! In this 2-episodes-in-1 extravaganza spanning our entire brew process, you'll find out what we set out to make and how we did it, before jumping ahead 3 weeks to when we moved the nearly finished product into a keg. Stay tuned for our tasting impressions on an upcoming episode of Hey Brew.

Featured beers: Bright Brewery - The Orchard, Boatrocker - Dank & Juicy, Dainton Brewery - Maple Bacon Ice Cream Pancake Ale, Dainton Brewery - The Raider, To ├śl - Mosekonen Brygger, Garage Project - Triple Day of the Dead

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Hey Brew artwork provided by Pickle Ipsum.

What is Hey Brew?

A show about beer and storytelling. Join Elliot and Mike as they discover a new beer (without all the craft beer jargon) and tell a story related to that beer, no matter how tangential the connection.