Beneath the Surface: An Infrastructure Podcast

A conversation with Ryan Petersen, CEO of Flexport.

Show Notes

Thanks to the global supply chain crisis, millions of consumer goods, from computer chips to couches to cell phones are in high demand but short supply. It would be tempting to think that the pandemic is the main culprit for the backup of global trade flows—but COVID merely exposed existing fault lines in our infrastructure.

The advent of just-in-time manufacturing and a relentless focus on short-term earnings have left companies with little inventory in case of emergencies, making our supply chains less resilient. Ryan Petersen—CEO of Flexport, which manages global trade and logistics for some of the largest companies in the world—has some thoughts about how we can fix that.

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What is Beneath the Surface: An Infrastructure Podcast?

Infrastructure is—finally—having its moment. From transit systems to supply chains, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and others are evaluating whether our civic infrastructure is up to the task of supporting a growing—and warming—globe.

In each episode of Beneath the Surface, we explore some of the most complicated challenges facing our world, and talk to the people who are rolling up their sleeves to build solutions.

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