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We made it to the end of August, and we're Just Tryna Keep the Summer Alive. Join us and our very special guest Wyatt Funderburk as we break down every single studio album (and some extras) from America's Band. Link to vote:

Show Notes

Whether you're listening to this on a Summer Day (or Summer Night!!), we hope you'll have as much fun as we (read: Nia) did.

On this episode, we break down EVERY. SINGLE. BEACH BOYS STUDIO ALBUM (plus three additional records). We talk about which albums we love, which albums we don't like as much, and why we think Pet Sounds is pretty much unbeatable. Tangents include but aren't limited to: Nia not having ever listened to Still Cruisin', how John Stamos and He Who Must Not Be Named (Mike Love) nearly ruined Dennis's legacy, and Trent's old improv team, Carl and the Passions. If you want to brush up on your Beach Boys knowledge, check out this official Tourney Pod playlist.

Our guest this week is Wyatt Funderburk, host of The Sail On Podcast and all-around Beach Boys enthusiast. If you're interested in learning more about these albums, Wyatt and his co-hosts John and Will do serious deep dives of the catalogue on Sail On, so be sure to check them out!

First round of voting will take place on Monday 8/30. Sweet Sixteen voting will take place on Tuesday 8/31. Elite Eight voting will take place on Wednesday 9/1. Final Four voting will take place on Thursday 9/2. Championship voting will take place on Friday 9/3 (happy birthday, Al Jardine!). Winner/Pet Sounds reveal on a brand new episode on Saturday 9/4. Link to vote is right here :)

Bonus for whoever reads the show notes: Sail On usually hides some blooper at the end of their episodes, so I did that for this episode of our podcast! Hope you all got your Feel Flows boxsets on time ;)

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