Driving the Future

The automotive industry is the underpinning of much of our economy today. So what does the sustainability revolution look like, and how are they going beyond simply reinventing the wheel?

Show Notes

The automotive industry is currently at the forefront of developing the the transport of the future that will not only fundementally change how go from A to B, but also the underlying technology that will power this sustainable revolution. So how is the automotive industry creating the mobility solutions of the future?

In this episode of Driving the Future, we turn things over to Capgemini Invent's Future Sight podcast, where host Liz Lugnier speaks to Siegfried Adam, Director for Automotive Consulting at Capgemini Invent, Markus Winkler, Executive Vice President, Capgemini Global Automotive, and Sheila Patel, Vice President, Capgemini Invent.

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What is Driving the Future?

Driving the Future is a podcast about where the automotive industry is going, and how not only to keep up with the rapidly changing business, but to shape it.

Fueled by such factors as the climate crisis and the digital revolution, the automotive industry is changing. Whether we’re talking about autonomous cars and electric vehicles or the new customer experiences that digital technologies enable, whether it’s transforming from being an auto manufacturer into an organization that provides mobility services, the map of the industry is being re-drawn. Are you going to follow the path that others lay out, or grab the wheel and shape the future of mobility yourself? The promise of technology is big, but how do you get there?

Driving the Future is a podcast by Capgemini.