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Every Thursday former NHL GM, Stanley Cup Champion and Director of Scouting with TSN, Craig Button and I explore prospects for the NHL Draft. From Top Shelf Talent to The Next Wave to Time Machine and more, the stars of tomorrow are discovered here.

Show Notes

In The Next Wave on Tracking the Draft, former NHL GM and current Director of Scouting for TSN, Craig Button and Dean Millard discuss players ranked outside of the top 40 on Craig's List, who are projected to go after the first round, where great players, superstars and Hall of Fame players have been taken.

JJ Peterka could make it three German born players taken in the first round of the NHL Draft. Tim Stutzle could go second overall and Lukas Reichel who is ranked 33rd on the Craig's List. Peterka is 42 and if teams value a Rickard Rakell type player he might hear his name called on day one. He's a smart hard working player that could find his way onto some top lines in the NHL like the way Chris Kunitz and his 4 Stanley Cups did.

Charlie Desroches is at the very end of the Craig's list ranked 103, but don't mistake that for a lack of potential. In fact the more I learn about this player the more I think he's going to be a late round player that develops at the CHL and AHL level and turns into a valuable defender. These are the types of players who never stop working on their game and thus never stop developing their whole career and these are guys you win with. 

Craig joins us each week courtesy of the UFFS Hotline, become a scout and track the same players Craig and other scouts do, join up at www.UFFSports.com and get paid for your eagle eye when it comes to future stars. Catch past episodes and individual players at www.TrackingTheDraft.ca

What is #TrackingTheDraft with @CraigJButton?

Tracking the Draft with Craig Button is a weekly 45 minute podcast hosted by Dean Millard featuring former NHL General Manager Craig Button who is currently the Director of Scouting for TSN. We will focus on the upcoming NHL draft in a number of different ways.One segment, titled Top Shelf Talent will feature a projected 1st round pick. Another segment will focus on players projected to go after the first round, titled The Next Wave. Time Machine will be a segment where we look at past drafts with stories from Craig and comparisons to a current draft prospects.
A short Prospect News segment and a trivia contest will wrap around the draft discussion between Craig and Dean.