Girls Who Do Stuff

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We speak with the powerhouse team behind about networking, entrepreneurship, women partnerships, and charging what you're worth. Their networking group has grown to over 35,000 women since it was founded.

Show Notes

Networking Women of the Triangle was born in early 2016 when Founder JoNita Cox was in the midst of a job search. She found career networking support for women in the area lacking so with the support of Co-Founder Angie "Gigi" Stephenson, JoNita started a Facebook group on March 16th, 2016. Within the year, it grew to more than 3,000 members. By the launch of this website, during the summer of 2017, the group had well over 6,000 members. NWOTT currently has a supportive community of over 30,000 local members.

The encouragement offered in the Facebook group was palpable and JoNita and Gigi decided that it was time to formally launch the NWOTT website with the help of Rosa Chan Denis, an NWOTT member. This networking group platform enables members to share job leads and company connections so that their fellow members find it easier to walk through the hiring department doors. Local businesses readily and conveniently tap this Triangle-area talent to hire their superior teams.

Networking Women of the Triangle is focused on empowering women in their careers. Mentoring and career enrichment programs and events encourage women to flourish professionally. This power of connection lets members tap into expert advice for resumes, career tracks, occupational options, continuing education, and networking for the economic and professional benefit of all.

The influence of NWOTT is more than just online. The opportunity has spilled off the web page and members can take advantage of live networking events to connect with other professionals to cultivate professional partnerships within a variety of industries. NWOTT is the premier place to connect, support, and inspire other women in the Triangle.

What is Girls Who Do Stuff?

Come as you are with the courage to speak up and tell a better story. A raw and real podcast from two courageous women making an impact in their communities by helping guests share their unique stories.

Your hosts Jenny and Sarah are soul sisters with a passion for creating a space for authentic storytelling. Their guests will make you laugh, cry, and leave you with all-the-feels while you learn from thought leaders like entrepreneurs, influencers, coaches, real estate moguls, speakers, reality stars, and creative geniuses.