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In radio news, Mike Francesa resigns from WFAN for the third time, while Bubba the Lovve Sponge inks out radio Syndication deals for stations in Detroit Mi, and Pittsburg Pa. We let you know what is happening on the street, and finally we conclude our look at the June Neilson Personal People Meter Ratings. We'll also have call letter and format changes from Jenniffer, and Bill Sparks will look back at the life of Johnny Randolf former announcer at radio station WAKY AM from Louisville, who passed away at the age of 78. This weeks classic aircheck remembers WKNR AM and Gary Stevens from 1964. Finally we travel to Nashville Tn and listen to Eddie Stubs from WSM AM just before he retires from the radio station after 25 years.

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Radio industry news, call-letter and format changes, classic airchecks, featured stations and live comments from Zoom Conference.