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Shirley Blancke’s life, and her experience of the nature of reality, were greatly altered after meeting the Ecuadorian shaman don Alberto Taxo. In this episode, Shirley shares her powerful story and how she was destined to play a role in don Alberto’s life and the prophecy of the eagle and the condor.

Show Notes

Shirley Blancke is an archaeologist and anthropologist who recently released the book write The Way of Abundance and Joy: The Shamanic Teachings of don Alberto Taxo.

In this episode Shirley discusses:

  • How she became interested in archeology and was introduced to shamanism
  • The connections she made with American Indigenous tribes
  • The chain of events that led to her meeting don Alberto Taxo
  • An overview of shamanic practice
  • Her unusual and powerful introduction to don Alberto
  • don Alberto’s connection with the natural world
  • The prophecy of the eagle and the condor
  • The most important teaching shared by don Alberto
  • The process of writing The Way of Abundance and Joy
  • The comprehensive nature of this book
  • The complexities of indigenous philosophies
  • Her powerful visionary experiences
  • Studying with Hank Wesselman
To purchase a copy of The Way of Abundance and Joy: The Shamanic Teachings of don Alberto Taxo

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