The 80its

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Will and Ray are visited by three spirits (read: icons) of retro video games: Howard Scott Warshaw, Heidi stopXwhispering and Tommy Tallarico.

Show Notes

Missing the Christmases of long ago, when visions of video games danced in their heads, and distinctive rectangular boxes were found under their trees, the 80its are feeling more Scrooge than Cratchit. Before long, they are visited by three retro game spirits (read: icons)--Howard Scott Warshaw (Yars Revenge and E.T.), Heidi stopXwhispering (collector of 8,000+ retro video games) and Tommy Tallarico (CEO/President of Intellivision)--who try to rekindle the 80its passion for retro video games. Author Brett Weiss ("NES Omnibus Volume 1) foretells of the coming visits.

Time codes:

Brett Weiss...2:25
Howard Scott Warshaw...6:40
Heidi stopXwhispering...42:35
Tommy Tallarico...1:05:30

What is The 80its?

An objective defense of 1980s pop culture. From a couple of idiots.