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The DPP Leaders’ Briefing 2022 showcased technology and business experts from 30 media companies sharing their top three priorities for the coming year. And in this episode of the DPP podcast, Editorial Director Edward Qualtrough catches up with speakers and attendees from TikTok, Channel 4, Thomson Reuters, ZDF, Google Cloud, Signiant and Banijay to digest some of the major themes from the event. What were the hot topics, and which subjects are resonating with senior leaders in media, broadcast and entertainment going into 2023?

Show Notes

In this episode, DPP Editorial Director Edward Qualtrough speaks with:

Chris Crichlow - Head of LIVE Broadcast & Production Operations, Europe, TikTok [2min 17sec]
Julia Hatfield - Head, News Platform Capability Management, Thomson Reuters [5min 55sec]
Andy Bell - Chief Engineer, Channel 4 [9min 50sec]
Alpa Junemann - Head of Marketing and Viewer Experience, Technology, Channel 4 [9min 50sec] 
Robert Amlung - Head of Digital Strategy, ZDF [14min 47sec]
Juliet Bramwell - Director, Telco, Media & Entertainment, UKI, Google Cloud [17min 12sec]
Rick Capstraw - Chief Growth Officer, Signiant [22min 30sec]
Sandra Smith - Director of Production, Banijay UK [25min 31sec]
Abdul Hakim - Business Development Manager, DPP [27min 48sec]

Members can download CEO Mark Harrison’s DPP Leaders’ Briefing 2022 report here.

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