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Show Notes

(1:01) Intro
(7:52) Guest introductions
(11:00) What are you reading?
(13:56) Risks with embracing technology and the internet
(17:12) FM’s handling cybersecurity
(22:46) FM’s relationship with IT
(25:23) What FM’s need to know about cybersecurity
(27:51) Utilizing ProFM as an asset in learning cybersecurity
(31:57) Advice for FM’s preparing for the new frontier 
(36:19) Wrap up

Shawn Black
Randy Olson
Gordon Mitchell  
Maureen Roskoski
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“From the IT perspective, more building automation means more risk.  So, their focus is to really kind of clamp down and make sure we’ve got security.  The FM’s perspective when they think about building automation is greater control and building efficiency, because they’re trying to get good data out of it...if we start to understand each other a little bit better, I think we’ll get a little bit more of that alignment with each other.  And FM’s can really start to see that they do play a role in the overall cybersecurity of their organization.”  (24:24)

“One of the great things about FM’s is they’re life-long learners, and they continue to find great solutions to problems.  Speed of change isn’t going to slow down.  We’re going to continue to change. It’s going to go fast.  So get out in front, get in front of that.  Embrace the spotlight and lead us through.” (33:40)

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