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Welcome to our ⁠explosive podcast⁠ where we delve deep into two of the most shocking stories of the year. First up, we'll be discussing the recent leak of Jeffrey Epstein's private calendar, which has sent shockwaves through the political establishment. The calendar includes the names of some of the world's most powerful figures, including the current CIA director, who appears to have been in close contact with Epstein during the time of his notorious crimes.

But that's not all - we'll also be investigating the financial woes of Vice, the once-thriving media company that was valued at an incredible $5.7 billion. Despite its meteoric rise, Vice is now on the brink of bankruptcy, with insiders blaming mismanagement and a lack of direction for its decline. We'll be examining what went wrong, and asking whether there's any hope for the company to turn things around.

So join us for a jam-packed episode full of intrigue, scandal, and financial drama - you won't want to miss it!
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What is The Jonathan Kogan Show?

The Jonathan Kogan Show brings you the most important, underreports news (and hot takes) that you need to know but the mainstream media is not covering. If you are searching for the truth, and of course the cold hard facts, then this podcast is for you. But, if you are looking for fake news and distractions from the real news, then you will be better off going to CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News. We do not cater to any corporations or powerful elites, but rather everyday peasants who simply want to know what is really going on without the propaganda.

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everybody welcome to The Jonathan Kogan Show. I'm your host Johnny K. Let's get into it right away. Time is precious. Okay. Time is precious. You know, it's good to see that there are media networks out there that are catching up to The Jonathan Kogan Show. Think about that. You have all these resources. You got billions of dollars and you're catching up to The Jonathan Kogan Show. So you probably come to the Jonathan Cogan show because you seek the truth. Maybe someone shared it with you and You popped out of the matrix. Maybe the algorithm accidentally, you know, pushed us up to the top of your feet, not knowing that it's going to push you out of their mind control. And then you started following the pod. Cause this pod is for you. This pod is for anyone who is ready to go to the next level and come together and bring humanity together for the last fight for us all to be free. So it's good to see that. Yes. This podcast is three to six months, sometimes nine months ahead of the reported news. Obviously, you go look at the track record. We almost got 200 episodes. It's unbelievable. But now I see people are catching up. So now we're going to have to think of other ways to stay on top of the game. Okay. Because I do this for you. I do this for us. I do it for the people. The people, the people, the people, baby. So your favorite. No, not your favorite, because this is your favorite. By the way, subscribe to John the Kogan show wherever you get your podcasts, subscribe to the YouTube channel, subscribe to the Rumble channel, and if you wanna follow on Twitter, at K-O-G-Z Kogz, and that's it. Vice Media, Vice Media, we're gonna go a little bit out of order here, but did you hear that Vice is said to be headed for bankruptcy? The company which was once valued at 5.7 billion with a B, has been struggling to find a buyer this year. That was 5.7 billion, I believe in 2017. Vice, the brat, this is in the New York Times. How does the New York Times feel about reporting on once big media behemoths filing for bankruptcy when they know they're soon behind? Because the one thing that people underestimate with the peasants is that you can see through the bullshit. You can see through the propaganda. You are smart. They think you're an idiot. Okay, they think you're going to be so dumb that you're just going to walk into a coffin apartment and just eat bugs the rest of your life and not realize what hit you. But you're waking up so much faster. They know they're losing grip because of podcasts like this and other great outlets. So back to the New York Times article, which is probably going to have to write an article on itself very soon, because as we know, the New York Times is the propaganda paper of the world, which by the way, they kill a lot of trees, like a ton of trees. All right, there's this big tweet going around about how many trees they kill just to print the papers enough. Okay, you want to talk about the environment. You want to talk about saving the earth. Okay, this is the number one pro-earth podcast in the world. Okay, stop cutting down the trees for New York Times papers. Just do it digitally. If you really love the earth, you won't kill forests to print the New York Times propaganda bullshit for people to be brainwashed. Just brainwash them digitally. Okay, back to the article. The brash, the brash, the once brash I should say. digital media disruptor, the once disruptor, because they used to have amazing documentaries, and then they just became propaganda for the state. And when you become propaganda for the state, you go from being cool, AKA 5.7 billion, to bankruptcy, working for the state. Maybe Joe Biden will bail him out. That channel giants like Disney and Fox into investing before a stunning crash landing is preparing to file for bankruptcy according to two people with knowledge of its operations. The filing could come in... in the coming weeks, according to three people familiar, it's always anonymous people, people, people. I don't even know if I trust this because from the New York Times, this is crazy. The company has been looking for a buyer and still might find one to avoid declaring bankruptcy. More than five companies have expressed interest in acquiring Vice. I'm sure one of them will be like an investment from like Hunter Biden or something, you know, and a CCP backed company. They're probably going to save it. You can't lose these outlets. These are defenders, not a democracy. When they say defenders of democracy, that is code for Defenders of the state. Okay, but you know that by now So I'm sure someone's gonna come in with all the Sun this all this money Jing-jing ping hunter Biden and who knows probably the CIA's venture fund They do a venture fund will probably load it in and be like, oh my god, this was fake news So according to a person briefed on the discussions the chances of that however are growing increasingly slim Let me get a slim Jim. Oh, yeah said one of the people with the knowledge of the potential bankruptcy So the point of this story is before we get into the Epstein and all this other crazy stuff is that you should tell the truth. If you're in the news business, all right, you got to tell people the unfiltered truth and let them decide what they want to do with that information. The reason you rely on the John the Coating shows, I don't give you opinion. I don't have opinions. I'm a political. I have zero opinions. I just report the facts as they are. If they're very harsh, I tell you as it is, you might not want to hear it, but you get to hear it. Okay. because I respect you. Okay, I respect your God given brain cells. Okay, that should work on your behalf to decipher, decipher truth from fiction and all that stuff. And if you wanna be propagandized, go get propagandized. I do not care. I love you, but I don't care. Okay, so I'm gonna read down the list and I'm gonna go into a couple of things. So the Godfather AI who worked for Google just resigned because he says in it, literally in the next year, He says that the average person isn't going to be able to tell the difference between what's real and not real on the internet with video defakes written articles. No one's going to be able to tell what's real, not real. And he's, he's worried about it. So we quit Google. They're not putting enough safeguards in place and he wants to get the word out about protecting the people. That's what we like. We'll probably get them on the pod. IBM said that 7,500, 7,500 jobs. are going to be, human jobs are going to be replaced by AI this year. That's already this year. That's right away. That's unbelievable. First Republic, by the way, dude, does the average peasant know that in the past 60 days, okay, 60 days, okay, that's about as much of a timeframe as sitting on the toilet. Okay. It's nothing. All right. 60 days, three of the four largest banks in U S history. have just gone, they're gone, they went under. Do people know that? Do people know what's going on here? Do people understand that three of the four largest banks, you know, 2018, no, 2018, 2008 was a banking crisis. It was a catastrophe. But three of the four largest banks, number one being Washington Mutual, that was 2008, have just faltered in the last 60 days and people are walking around like everything's normal. People are just walking around, chewing their gum, doing whatever the hell they do. thinking everything is fine and dandy. What is going on? Are people just, people are droning, okay? They are just droning through life, okay? They're not paying attention. They're getting up, they're doing the same shit. They're eating the same thing. They're saying the same words. They're reading the same propaganda. And then they go to bed and they do that shit all over again. It's bananas, okay? In fact, you're like a chimpanzee. You should just go and eat a banana every day. You're putting your brain to the same use. You are just droning. You are droning. You need to wake up. You need to realize what's going on. We need to come out of this stronger than ever. So first Republic in the dumpster gone, gone poof, high net worth individuals. One of the largest banks over a hundred billion gone sack of potatoes. In fact, the sack of potatoes is better because you could eat it. Okay. First Republic now got absorbed by JP Morgan chase. We did a whole episode on Jamie diamond who's the CEO of chase. I highly recommend you go listen to that episode. Maybe, I don't know, 12 episodes ago. about the story of JP Morgan, of Jamie Dimon, how he got to where he's at. The people behind him are the same people behind your favorite entrepreneur, one of the greatest financiers of all times, one of the biggest innovators of our time and part-time or maybe full-time child molester, Jeffrey Epstein. So same people behind Jeffrey Epstein or behind Jamie Dimon. Don't worry, don't ask questions, shut your mouth. So the Wall Street Journal published a bombshell this weekend, but you probably heard it because people are covering the truth now because they have to because the Jonathan Cogan show is taking the audience from everybody. So Wall Street Journal broke Epstein's private calendar emerges among prominent names listed are ready for this? Biden's CIA chief and Goldman top lawyer and Noam Chomsky, the professor, philosopher, who Said that the unvaccinated should separate from society and go make their own civilization And they should they should go have to get their own food But not the food that the vaccinated get and just separate themselves and now he shows up And he's on f-seam's calendar and they asked him a question about being on the calendar. He says none of your business Okay, and this was after he was he was guilty of being a child predator, but get ready for this one in 2014 current cia Yes, you heard that right current In 2014, current CIA director, William Burns, had three meetings with Jeffrey Epstein when Burns was Obama's deputy secretary of state. And after Epstein had been convicted of child sex exploitation, the Wall Street Journal reports. All right? So Burns, who became CIA director under Biden in 2021, met with Epstein while he was preparing to leave his position in the government according to agency spokeswoman, T.M.E. Kupperman Thorpe. quote, the director did not know anything about him. Now, granted he was already a convicted pedophile, but the CIA director didn't know any about him other than he was introduced as an expert in the financial services sector and offered general advice on transition to the private sector, she said, adding they had no relationship. So I just wanna get this straight. I just wanna get this straight. The current CIA director, okay, who was high up with Obama. literally works for a firm that specializes in intelligence, the central intelligence agency, did not know that the worst child molester predator of all time who was already guilty, who had his own island where he brought famous people to abuse children against their will did not know anything about this guy except that he He was the only person he could talk to to leave a government job and go into private sector and get financial advice or advice about getting a career. Are we really supposed to buy this bullshit? Are you out of your skull? What is going on here? America is the only civilization, the only society where you fail upwards. It's the only society where you can go to Epstein Island like 43 times and rape little kids as much as you want. and then become the world's pediatrician, Bill Gates. Like you could just do that. You go to the island, you rape children, then all of a sudden there's a pandemic and you become the world's pediatrician. Tell them what to put in their bodies. What is going on? What is going on? Up is down, left is right. What is going on? Like, so Burns then is working with someone who was already found guilty of sleeping with underage girls. ends up becoming years later, the CIE director in 2021. You get promoted. The more wrong things you do in this society, the more you get promoted. It's like you fail upwards. Like what is going on? So the worst stuff that you can do, the more money you make and the more notoriety you get, it makes me question every single celebrity I've ever known in my entire life. especially ones who are defending the biggest chaos today. Like if you're impartial and you're apolitical and you just care about truth, you could tell who the shills are because you're shilling for something that's so ridiculous and obvious that it's not true. All this stuff. And when people are doing that, all I think is like, someone's got dirt on them. Like everybody who we believe went to Epstein's island is like what is pro the agenda. Whatever the agenda is, they love it. They'll defend it to the end. Are they being told to do that? Do they know there's videos on them molesting children? I mean, how do you become, how do you get all the air time on mainstream news channels to tell children what to do with their health when you went to an island where we know children were raped and you went there and the little Lolita express like 43 times and really you just were a software program or not really though, you kind of just, you know, took the code and people just take your advice on children and you know. on what stuff to get when they're born, when they're six months old, when they're 12 months old, when they're 18 months old. What is going on here? I'm not even questioning any of that stuff. All I'm saying is how is that normal? Okay. How is that normal? The person who's doing the most medical stuff with children is also the one who has provenly went to an island where children were molested. I just think it's a question. That's all. It's just something to ponder. Okay. So, imagine. Imagine having a money printer where you can print as much money as you want and saying on May 1st, which is today, that by June 1st, you might run out of money. That is what Janet Yellen said, which by the way, was the same person in like 2017 said, we're never going to have a financial crisis again. Three of the biggest banks last 60 days gone. June 1st, she said the United States can run out of money. You have a money printer and we're running out of money. Well, the Fed has the money printer. I understand she's treasury, but we're gonna run out of money. Where's the chance we run out of money? She wrote in a letter. What is going on? And there are people who are posting things like, oh, thank you to the current regime for making everything so stable and protecting our democracy. Like just be a political objective and be like, this is not normal. This is not normal times. This is totally not normal. The first casualty of war is the truth. Perhaps the truth has been assaulted. Okay. That's what it seems like, but I could be wrong. I don't know. All right. Man, oh man. Sometimes I just think we're just in bizarre world. I don't even know what's going on. So the Godfather of AI has said that we're not going to know what's real, not real. Okay. This is also in the New York times. Um, Which is right here. The godfather of AI leaves Google and warns of danger ahead. So should we listen to him? Does he know what he's talking about? The guy does have an incredible track record. Uh, he created like neural networks and all this stuff. And he says, we are very close to not be. And if you've seen the videos that are fake of like Biden speaking or Trump speaking, it's pretty much, you could tell, but it's, you could see how we're very close to being able to be tricked. And the average person, which we have learned recently, is, let's just say, not awake. They could be tricked easily. So that is very scary, how this information is going to be weaponized. And I've made a podcast on this. You can go listen to the podcast of addressing this issue, how it shows up. This technology shows up at the right time when truth is on its head for some crazy reason. But, you know, it is what it is. But but yeah. So little side note, Joe Rogan had Dr. this past weekend, you should go listen to that podcast. I recommend good things to listen to on this podcast. Other great sources of information. That's a very good one. So vice is going down. AI is about to attack truth on a whole different paradigm. Like we've never seen. IBM is already saying 7,500 people are out of jobs. AI is replacing it. First Republic gone. Treasury says we're going to run out of money by June 1st, potentially. And Epstein's calendar comes out with the current CIA. director The more bad stuff you do The more you get rewarded. What kind of world is this? It seems like we need a reckoning It seems like we need a movement and that's what this is, you know, yes are people poorer now than ever Yes is the is the income inequality Higher than it's ever been. Yes was the last three years the greatest wealth transfer of all time. Yes Are people struggling worldwide because of inflation? Yes. Are we approaching food storages next year? Yes. All true, all true stuff. But that doesn't mean the times ahead need to be bad. It means that in these trying times, we can come together and realize that it doesn't matter who you voted for. It doesn't matter what your beliefs are. It doesn't matter where you're from. It doesn't matter. Any of that doesn't matter. All that matters is are you willing to contribute to the community and look out? for your brothers and sisters and come together. The divisiveness is intentional, it's obvious. Once you see the propaganda for what it is, you cannot unsee it, okay? If you are objective and you see it, you can see the intentional divisive statements. And the reason it's working is because the narrative is being set from the elites to the peasants like it always has. We need to reverse that trend. It needs to be set from the peasants to the elites, okay? From places like Twitter, from our communities up to them. They need to react to what we say rather than them putting out divisive statements and then having us react to their craziness Okay, and you're seeing you're seeing little glimpses of this There are times when things get so big on places like twitter that then the elites are reacting They are only going to put out more divisive stuff to keep the power at the top. We cannot accept that We must realize that the power is within all of us That the truth is in our soul that you know, what is right and what is wrong if you take a step back and take an objective look at reality and say, you know what? I'm being played and I'm not going to accept that. I am going to love my neighbor. Okay. I'm not going to take it out on Susie down the street or Bobby in, in, in, uh, in the S in the city, the neighboring city. It's not going to happen. I'm going to help them. I am going to hold hands with someone who voted the opposite way. I am. If I'm a conservative. I'm going to hold hands with a liberal. If I'm liberal, I'm going to hold hands with a conservative. If I'm apolitical, I'm going to hold hands with both of them. It does not matter. The time for us to come together is now more than ever as we approach World War III, as we approach famines, as we approach just hyperinflation, bank collapses, just peak chaos. Just look who the shills are and look who's trying to get you the truth. The people who are trying to get you the truth, build a network out of all of them. Listen to who they refer you should listen to. Listen to the people they talk to and start building your network of truth because you need to rebuild. All right, you cannot trust the old sources of information that whether they told the truth or not, we believed it. Now it's obvious the corporate media is an enemy of the peasants. It is the biggest enemy of the peasants. Okay, and we will not succumb to what they want us to succumb to, which is divisiveness, which is hate, which is anger, which is fear. None of it. It ain't going to work anymore. It's done. Okay. So the time is ours podcasts like this and podcasts like Joe Rogan and other great influential people who are telling the truth, it is time it's past time. So please share this podcast with 17 other people today. Okay. That's the goal. If each person sells it with 17 other people, we will bring the truth worldwide. Yes, we're in a hundred countries, but we need to make it to 150 countries. Yes, we get a lot of listeners. but we need a ton of listeners because the movement is yours. The movement is ours. It's us. It's we, it's together. It's love. Okay. We are going to lead with purpose. This is a new world that we are entering that we're in, but we're entering and we're going to do it together. I stand with you. Do you stand with me? That's all I got for you today. Please subscribe to the John the Cogu Show. I'll see you tomorrow. We're going to try and do a pod every single day this month. It's May 1st. It is the birthday month. So here we go. I'll see you tomorrow. I love you. Bye.