Weird Brunch

Misty the horse & the Chincoteague Ponies; the truth behind tumbleweeds; Aimo Koivunen, meth and WWII

Show Notes

This episode brought to you by eight cats.

Lisa lassos Misty of Chincoteague as we tour tiny horse island.

Whitney drifts across the plains with the invasive tumbleweed.

Hayly has a high time with Aimo Koivunen, the Finnish soldier who survived a Russian attack in WWII thanks to a near-deadly dose of government-grade methamphetamines.

What is Weird Brunch?

Whitney LeMond, Lisa Friedrich, and Carina Magyar get together, get tipsy, and tell each other the craziest stories they can find.

Artwork by Grace Svoboda. Theme music by Arielle LaGuette.