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Stoicism–named for the stoa (or covered walkway) under whose cooling shade Athenian citizens gathered and philosophers lectured–is a philosophy whose influence has stretched across the ages. It was, so many centuries ago, a philosophy to which much of the classical world subscribed. Today, despite our distaste for all things “old” (how boring!), it remains a school of thought from which we can derive many benefits. 

Brittany Polat, who’s devoted much of her life to studying and popularizing these benefits, is an author, mother, board member of multiple Stoic organizations, and creator of Stoicare, a 501c3 whose noble aim is to “share Stoicism as a holistic system of wisdom”. She was gracious enough to join me for a few hours to discuss this school of thought of which she’s such an enthusiastic and well-versed champion. 

I can’t wait to share her wisdom with you!

This episode will teach you…

The history of Stoicism; the most important Stoic thinkers with whom you should be familiar; the life of Marcus Aurelius; the Eastern influences on Stoicism; the connection between Buddhism and Stoicism; the compatibility between our Judeo-Christian tradition and Stoicism; how to employ Stoicism as a PARENT raising young children; the difference between mere mindfulness, and stoic meditation; Stoic figures throughout history; whether or not George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were stoics; how to implement a daily journaling practice; the importance of Viktor Frankl; The search for meaning in life; Rationality and Society–the two fundamental features of our species;

And much more! 

0:00 Introduction
2:00 A Journey back to ancient Greece
4:54 Happiness as the “Ultimate Good”
6:05 Epicureanism v. Stoicism
12:05 The role of Socrates
15:10 Meet the Stoics! The Cast of Characters
22:20 Similarities Between Marcus Aurelius and George Washington
29:30 Eastern influences on Stoicism
34:00 Heraclitus 
41:29 Do Stoics believe in God? 
46:23 What does Stoicism provide that Christianity lacks? 
51:31 Why Materialism has prevailed
58:10 Viktor Frankl
1:04:48 How to Parent like a Stoic
1:08:00 Are some people born Stoics? 
1:09:46 Developing a (daily) Journaling practice
1:13:40 The Difference between Mindfulness and Stoic Meditation
1:16:11 What inspired you to write this book? 
1:20:45 How do you find peace with those around you? 
1:24:24 The Serenity Prayer
1:29:48 Is Stoicism ANTI-Social? 
1:36:29 From Linguistics to Stoicism
1:40:28 Modern Stoics
1:47:00 Closing Thoughts

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“The Handbook of the Stoic Tradition”

“A Case For God”

“Some Do Care”

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“Journal like a Stoic”

“Tranquility Parenting”

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