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It's October and the big awards-contenders are all slowly revealing themselves, we preview these big winter films and reveal when we can see them in Ireland. We also have a ton of reviews including Kelly + Victor, Austenland, Girl Most Likely, Prisoners, Ain't Them Bodies Saints, A Belfast Story & Kings of Summer.

Show Notes

Podcast 10 - George Clooney in GRAVITY

It’s a bit of a double celebration alert in Spooool.ie Towers as we’re ten episodes in and have reached double figures AND we have just received news of our nomination for Best Podcast in the 2013 Irish Blog Awards.

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In this month’s podcast we’re previewing all the big winter films which are now playing festivals and likely to shape the awards conversation in the coming months, including Mr. Clooney in Gravity, Mr. Fassbender in 12 Years a Slave and Mr. Hanks in Captain Philips.

We also look back on our movie highlights from September, review a few duds that have inexplicably found their way to Irish cinema screens and preview some pretty exciting stuff that is due to come our way in October. We close the show by celebrating Blue Jasmine‘s release with a very special Woody Allen clip.

Next month we’ll be celebrating Halloween by looking back on the seminal horror films in our films education and discussing the current state of the genre. Email contact@spooool.ie or use the form below to share your own horror favourites.


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The place for Irish cinema-obsessives Páraic McGeough and Nigel Wheatley to discuss the best and worst films that they've seen in cinemas and on the telly. We've been on the go since 2012. Say hello @spool on Twitter.