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Is the UK government about to ditch the Northern Ireland Protocol? Cost of living crisis. Work longer hours. Get a better job. Just how out of touch are the Tories? The First Minister's US visit. Eurovision. Hell or heaven?

Show Notes

Shocking stuff this episode as Lesley and Pat fa oot oer Eurovision. Was it a glorious celebration of the human spirit or a festival of over hyped musical mediocrity? Guess which of us thought what!
As we await Liz Truss's statement which looks as if it will signal the ditching of the Northern Ireland Protocol we look at the threat this poses to stability and peace on the island of Ireland.
Cost of living crisis. Work longer hours. Get a better job. Claimed Conservative minister Rachel MacLean. Just how out of touch are the Tories?
Eilidh Barbour walked out of the annual Scottish Football Writers Association awards ceremony after 10 minutes of Bill Copeland's speech which she said was racist, sexist, and homophobic. The SFWA has since issued an "apology" promising to review and improve in the future. Was this an isolated mistake or is there still an underlying air of prejudice at the heart of journalism? 
Nicola Sturgeon has been in the USA meeting Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and other top officials in the Biden administration. She made significant statements on NATO membership and the constitutional future of the UK. This was covered by The Times, The Telegraph, and Bloomberg, but not by the BBC. 

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