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In this episode you will learn what is Angular and what are the benefits of using Angular 🔥

Show Notes

In this episode I am explaining what is Angular and answering the following questions:
  • What does single-page client-side really means?
  • Are there any differences between Angular and AngularJS?
  • What are the benefits of using Angular? 
  • Why developers and companies choosing Angular? 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Angular
Angular Docs
Angular Roadmap
Angular Versioning and Releases
Angular Packages
Angular Update Guide
Keeping Angular Up-to-Date
Angular on Gitter
Angular Community on Discord
Angular Meetups List

Finding an Angular latest version

in terminal or console:
npm show @angular/core

in web browser:
angular latest version

What is Angular Rocks?

All things Angular podcast 🎙 by Aliaksei Kuncevič.