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Jodie Kidd is an incredible poster girl for drive and passion, throwing her heart and soul into everything she does. On this episode we talk about her early modelling days, and how an onset of anxiety and panic attacks led her back to her roots of the countryside and her family, her sister Jemma helping her to understand the nature of anxiety and her brother Jack getting her back into riding. We chat about her recent career highlights and how and why see likes to overcome physical and mental challenges including her partners recent discovery of a dis ordered relationship with food and exercise. Jodie strives for balance in every area of her life, with her family and her lovely son Indi and her health and being the landlady of her local pub the Kirdford Arms, she also knows how to chill out and enjoy herself.

Show Notes

Jodie Kidd is a model, racing car driver, tv personality and the landlady of the Half Moon Pub in Kirdford, Sussex.
After a hugely successful modelling career, Jodie decided to go back to her country roots, needing time to reconnect after suffering anxiety and panic attacks. A chance appearance on Top Gear, saw her getting the fastest track time and notably beating JK from Jamiroquai on her first track race, lead Jodie to spend four years racing with Maserati in Italy. Jodie has starred in many TV shows, but it was her time MasterChef that inspired her to take over her local pub The Half Moon in Kirdford, which has since been awarded two AA rosettes and is reopen now after months of lockdown and receiving rave reviews.
She loves a challenge and an opportunity to learn something new, as she certainly did recently on ITV’s Don’t Rock the Boat, pushing herself to mental and physical limits most of us couldn’t dream of, partnering with Olympian Victoria Pendleton to successfully row the length of Great Britain on an Atlantic rowing boat. Throwing her heart and soul into everything does and she learnt how to overcome physical pain in order to carry on pushing herself under extremely difficult physical conditions. 
In this episode we talk about her early modelling days and how a sudden onset of anxiety and panic attacks led her back to her roots of the countryside and her family, how her sister Jemma helped her to understand the nature of anxiety and her brother Jack got her back into riding, from which she went onto represent Great Britain in the Women’s Polo World Championships. 
Jodie talks about the competitive spirit she picked up from her family and working with horses. Her father Johnny was a professional show jumper and her aunt a professional dressage rider. She also discussed her boyfriend Joseph Bates’ recent discovery of the root of his tendencies to overexercise, which he now understands is based on disordered eating.  He is currently setting up a platform to help other people, check out The Halen Project for more info. https://halenproject.com -
Jodie has a great strive for balance in her life, her book Balance Your Life co written with PT Amelie Khellaf-Govett http://ameliekhellaf.com is all about doing just that, a gentle 6 week reboot, cutting out sugars and alcohol, eating well, exercises to do at home and getting your sleep on track, so you can feel really good again. Jodie talks about how she want balanced relationships, balance with food and to be able to enjoy odd the glass of wine in her cosy cottage. She also shares dreams to racing again and her love of seeing more girls out on the track. - Jodie’s pub happily is re open now, so to book yourself in for a delicious meal and a great atmosphere The Half Moon Kirdford https://www.halfmoonkirdford.co.uk
Find Jodie on twitter https://twitter.com/RealJodieKidd
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jodiekiddoffical/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jodie.kidd.1

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