Data Myths

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Brian and Malinda share key insights on how to talk about your company to your audience and investors. What does it take for your company to get funding? What are VC’s looking for? Find out what needs to be added or removed from your pitch.

Show Notes

Summary: How do you make the most of your pitch time? What are the most important things to mention, and what are the most important things to avoid mentioning? Brian and Malinda serve up a SXSW recap and share their personal startup pitch strategies. From what to wear and how to speak, to being a present pitch audience participant, Brian and Malinda reflect on how they made the most of SXSW’s concentration of innovative go-getters.

What We Covered:
1:00 - What we look for in startups, how to stand out!
6:00 - Uprise Partners and how to reach your company's goals and the right audience.
7:00 - What is a Pitch competition?
9:00 - Tips and tricks for pitch competitions.
11:00 - A great 1 minute pitch and why it matters.
24:00 - The Pitch - What does your pitch need to include? 
26:00 - I’d like a PhD with a side of AI
29:00 - How does AI, data analytics, and technology fit into your growth strategy plan?
31:00 - What do you need to do in order to differentiate yourself from other companies?
35:00 - Statistics on funding and what the risk factor is for investors
41:00 - Pledge 1 Percent

What is Data Myths?

Uniting dataphiles and dataphobes one podcast at a time. Listen as the Gagnons interview industry leaders and startup founders, review new tech trends and products, and examine how data and technology drive our professional and personal worlds.