The Archipelago

For many years, Yannis Stavrakakis, a Professor in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, has been studying the issue of populism as part of his thorough research on discourse analysis. His interests range from the relationship between psychoanalysis and the political to the workings of ideology in politics. His work on populism has produced numerous books and collections of essays and has spurred the working group Populismus, dedicated to the study of the phenomenon. In this episode, Yannis Stavrakakis talks about one of the most contested political terms of our time, how this discourse transforms the political field, as well as the interesting findings of the Populismus working group's recent study on Populism and the Pandemic.

What is The Archipelago?

A 60-minute talk show featuring theorists, artists and writers contemplating on the cultural moment. The Archipelago follows ideas that erupt from the abyss of human activity, diverse and divergent at first, before congealing into a new pensive framework. A podcast series as an archive of differing viewpoints, blending together into an imaginary production of the future.
Hosted by Yannis-Orestis Papadimitriou