Anything Is Possible Podcast

Join us as we sit down with Jo Davis of Black White Denim, the innovative boutique that's become a haven for fashion enthusiasts of all ages. In our conversation, Jo shares her compelling founder story, detailing the boutique's inception and its evolution through economic turbulence, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the rapidly changing retail landscape. Listen in as we explore the boutique's unique approach to creating an inclusive atmosphere where customers, from teenagers to septuagenarians, feel welcomed to shop, hang out, and be part of a community without the pressure to purchase. 
In this episode, we touch on personal journeys, from navigating corporate careers to the unexpected turns of parenthood, and how these experiences intertwine with the world of fashion and retail. Jo Davis offers a candid look at her own path, revealing how she went from working with giants like Procter & Gamble to embracing motherhood at 39, and eventually taking a leap of faith into the world of boutique ownership. We also delve into the importance of personal connections in retail therapy, the transformation of career attire, and the pivotal role that trust and empathy play in fostering lasting relationships between customers and local stores. 
As we round out our discussion, Jo provides valuable insights into building a successful business team and the art of branding in the retail shop space. We highlight the significance of resilience and evolution in retail, celebrating the success of integrating pre-loved fashion into a sustainable business model, and discuss how personal growth often emerges from life's challenges and the act of giving. So, pull up a chair and be inspired by Jo's journey of determination, creativity, and her passion for fashion that transcends generational divides. Whether you're a fashion aficionado, an aspiring entrepreneur, or someone looking to reignite their personal style post-pandemic, there's something in this episode for you.
(00:00) - Black White Denim Female Founder Story
(05:59) - Personal Connections in Retail Therapy
(09:07) - Career Choices and Unexpected Parenthood
(14:46) - Motherhood, Career, and Fashion Business
(24:27) - Retail Shop Branding and Corporate Success
(27:37) - Corporate Culture and Personal Style
(35:30) - Building a Successful Business Team
(47:23) - Resilience and Evolution in Retail
(01:00:05) - Pre-Loved Fashion Business Innovation
(01:08:21) - Personal Growth Through Challenges and Giving
(01:18:36) - Energising Personal Development Workshop
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What is Anything Is Possible Podcast?

What would you do if you believed that Anything is Possible? It’s a mantra that’s helped Holly overcome mental health, build her business, overcome personal challenges and bring her events company through the pandemic. And now it’s the theme of her brand new podcast!

Join Holly Moore, CEO and Founder of Make Events, HM Events and the host of the Anything is Possible podcast. Holly set up Make Events in 2012 from scratch with no investment, and since then has created ultimate experiences for clients' across the globe.

This podcast shares some of the stories of those she feels embody the mantra 'Anything is Possible', brands that have inspired her and those that have been on the same journey with her for over a decade!