The Evolution Podcast: Business, Mindset, and Spirituality w/ Terrance X Johnson, Ethan P. Heisey and Sagi Shrieber

Everybody that's listening here at Evolution Podcast, we do not only give motivation, but to give you practical knowledge, wisdom, and tools to go about your business in life.

A lot of people use that terminology is spirituality of business. How does these things really play a part in the overall manifestation of that, which we desire?

I do believe this to be factual, your thoughts or everything. How, when things, how one feels, what they say about themselves and particularly, really determines the outcome of how their life will go. And so I think it's imperative that you have a strong spiritual background, a strong amount of faith and determination.

You must understand that most of us are conditioned. To fail. And what do I mean by that?

It is really predicated on what you're thinking. What you're saying, this is very important for out of the mouth.

When we start looking about how do you feel, I can assure you how you're feeling is playing a huge factor and what's happening in manifestation here.

I can simply put it this way...
That faith allows us to see the invisible, to believe in the incredible, which permits us to receive what the masses call impossible.

Let's listen to the podcast and answer the question- What is the connection of faith in business?

Show Notes

On our episode, all people experience difficulties of one type or another.  Some people have financial burdens and others deal with family problems.  What I love most about here is change - that we mutually support communities who use intuition and healing generously with one another to be each other’s guides.

 “Faith is holding on to God’s promises and finding your own fulfilled.”

Spiritual manifesting is when you're flowing, not forcing. It's different from goal-setting, because it's like you're co-creating with the universe.

Spiritual manifesting is a practice that uses the awareness that every ‘I’ is also part of a ‘we’ and that when we connect with this unified field in a conscious and directed manner, you change the world.

It’s the idea that you can bring anything you want into your life, through your thoughts and beliefs. You can practice manifesting to bring more love into your life, a romantic relationship, a great career — anything you are seeking is possible, but the catch is, you have to believe it.”

Topics discussed on the show:
- How do you actually use manifestation in your own life to better your career, health, love life, goals or life experiences?
- What is the connection of faith and business?
- How are you spiritually? How are you as an individual?
- What is State management?
- How do you vibrate on a free certain high frequency? 
Experiences have the purpose you give them and purpose is one of the most powerful indicators of everything from happiness to longevity. 

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