The E.S.C. Hatch

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Safety=Love. Revolution is one special interest seeking to replace another. When enough of us are where those of us "on-Point" have been for a bit, there will be no revolution, there will be a "waking up together, and deciding that enough is enough. No violence, absolute defense and refusal to compromise on what is right.

Show Notes

Full transcript will accompany the edited version that I will strive to publish at 7am. Safety First in your life is equal to loving yourself, so you know how to love others Update, Sep 9th is an recurring anniversary of sorts a date where two significant life occurances happened independantly and 20 years apart. Both altering the course of how I process. Rather than it be a date avoided or spent in recollections  and recriminations, i want to shift perspective and create Joy if I may ib the gifts of alugning my internal compass more appropriatly North, out of my dry desert past and into the present. I want it, my children need to observe how it is done. My last two teenagers barely listen to me, but they are always watching! So the uodate might not happen until the 9th.My apologies if that thwarts any curiosity that may have been brewing. Reach out. Lets connect and chat! The day I get beyknd where I may ibteract with eveyone who would like to is the day I'll know I am seeing things wrong way around!! Till then, Shelter in Play and soon there will be an open mic at Marina Park in San Leandro, CA. You may sign up for up to 15 mins of comedy, improv performance arts, music, Poetry/Reading, beatbox or accapella/acoustic, and last, but not least, you may challenge a person to a roast. They must agree. Younget 3 challenges. If no ine takes you up on it, your OUT! 
$6 DOLLARS per person donation highly recommended because the last 15 minutes is a vote by acclaim. Winner gets the pot minus exoenses for the Hatch putting this one and, if well received and respectful and socially distant, more in the future all around the bay. Have fence section, lightsz stool, cameras and recording equipment. I broadcast u live to the bored world. Online limited liability waiver and sign up.
As Pilgrim-on-Point Oi the cannot take sides, however I reawarve the right to terminate the event at any time. keep an eye here!

What is The E.S.C. Hatch ?

Your exit stage left or right to neutral safe territory where all is founded on the simple Truth of Life, which is, the Requirement of Life, is its Death. From there, we explore fun, ourselves, each other, and even that thing over there, you know the one. That Guy gave it to us. You know! The One., The one with the face. I'll never forget him. Good Ol' What's His Name...