Inside BS Show with The Godfather and Nicki G.

Every small business owner hopes for a successful conclusion to their entrepreneurial adventure. But, have you prepared a strategy for that success? In this episode of 'The Inside BS Show,' join the dynamic team of Dave Lorenzo, known as The Godfather of Growth, and the always vibrant Nicola Gelormino, also known as Nicki G. They discuss key tactics for business success, from using business brokers to facilitate an efficient exit to building partnerships for the greatest benefit.

But there's more! In addition to their main insights, they also introduce an additional overlooked strategy that is just as vital. And when considering a competitor's takeover, could that be the perfect solution for some businesses? Listen in to find out!

Whether you're contemplating the final goals for your business or seeking guidance to sharpen your long-term plans, this episode offers invaluable insights. Every business deserves an optimal ending. Start your exit planning today!

What is Inside BS Show with The Godfather and Nicki G.?

If you are an entrepreneur, CEO of a private company, or leader of a professional firm, you need your daily dose of Inside Business Secrets.

Each day we address an issue that is top of mind for the entrepreneurial business leader. We discuss revenue growth, community building, succession planning, exit strategy, hiring top talent, over-regulation, and thorny legal issues. Our "secret sauce" is that we make you a part of the conversation.

The show is hosted by attorney/entrepreneur Nicola Gelormino (Nicki G) and author/consultant Dave Lorenzo (The Godfather of Growth).

This Miami-based duo shocked the ProVisors national networking community by building the largest and most influential group of professional advisors in less than a year. They interview and share valuable insights daily with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.

A new episode drops daily at 8 AM.

To connect with Dave Lorenzo, call - (786) 436-1986
To connect with Nicola Gelormino, call - (305) 423-1994