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00:00 Hello!

Show Notes

00:00 Hello!
00:31 How do you take vacations as a bootstrapper?
03:58 Brain dumping
04:51 How is work is more fun than skiing or ziplining?
07:44 Morning Pages from The Artist's Way
08:08 How do you balance vacations and family with work?
10:13 Needing meaningful work
10:50 YouTube to Transistor script for
13:57 Dogfooding for
15:53 Websocks in Rails
18:33 Doing art for art's sake vs. making art for a market
24:19 What do you want to win by doing?
27:52 Christian's non-goals for next week
30:18 The privilege to work on what you want
34:41 Track your money and time instead of trusting your intuition
36:50 What if you don't have the bandwidth to do work you love?
39:15 Chris's plan for next week

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Chris and Christian build some software businesses.