Startup Apart

In this week's episode, Michael and Nathan discuss the contrasting experiences of a corporate giant, Intercom, and a bootstrapped business like Nusii. Could Nusii benefit from adopting some of Intercom's strategies?

Meanwhile, Nathan provides an update on his product, Feature Flux, which recently opened up to Early Access. However, the initial feedback has been underwhelming, leaving Nathan feeling uncertain about the future of his SaaS. Tune in to hear their insights and perspectives on navigating the challenges of the SaaS industry.

Feature Flux
The Non-Tech Founders' Podcast

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Michael Koper
Founder of @Nusiiapp. Ex @CabifyDev
Nathan J. Powell
Fractional product designer | Also building |

What is Startup Apart?

A weekly podcast where two ex-business partners hold themselves publicly accountable for their startup failures...and successes.